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Top 10 Science And Math Questions Parents Fear To Answer

1. Where do babies come from?

This is a question that is consistently asked by curious and inquisitive children. Many parents find very unusual and inaccurate answers. The best way to answer this question is to use resources that are age appropriate.

2. Why is the moon visible during the day?
Many parents do not know the answer to this question when asked by children. Not many of us would know the answer either unless we have researched it. The reason for this is because of the moon’s rotation and the role the sun plays in lifting it.

3. Why is the sky blue?
We may have been asked this question numerous times. We feel stumped on this question with no concrete answer. The true answer is because of the light (of many colors) is divided into particles in the atmosphere. Blue light is sent out more than the other colors.

4. Will aliens be ever discovered?
Children are fascinated by aliens. They believe that aliens exist in this world and can invade earth at any time. This is a question that really cannot be answered. One thing parents could mention is the possibility of life on Mars. They could also add how it is far from earth and not easily accessible.

5. How do airplanes fly?
This is a question that is pretty easy to answer. Airplanes fly because of the upward lift and its curved shape of the wings. The cycle of the air above and below the wings allows a plane to fly.

6. Why is water wet?
This question is all about sensory. The best way to explain this is by stating that all liquids are different and behave differently. It should be reiterated that wet is a term that is associated with liquids and the way that people feel the liquids.

7. Where do birds go in the winter?
This is a question that is very vague. Most parents try to find an answer that is more detailed. Simply they migrate to warmer areas, is an answer that is ample.

8. Why can boys not have children?
I think this is a question many children ask their parents. Again, an age appropriate book or resource could go a long way in answering this question.

9. Why do people die?
This is quite a difficult question to answer without having the right resources. Life is basically a cycle. There are also many religious ways of answering, but scientific ones are universal.

10. How do you do long division?

On paper.


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